Man's Minor Traffic Stop Ends in Horrifying 14-Hour Ordeal (VIDEO)

Imagine you are stopped for a minor traffic violation -- like, say, not coming to a full stop at a stop sign -- and the next thing you know, you are given forced enemas, a colonoscopy, your stool is sifted through, and you are being X-rayed. Ha! That would only happen in the movies, right? Or in some despotic country where people have no rights? That could never happen in the good ol' US of A. Well, think again.


David Eckert is suing police officers in New Mexico for pulling him over after they say he didn't come to a complete stop at a traffic sign while turning out of a WalMart parking lot. But instead of just issuing him a ticket and being done with it, they ordered him to get out of the car. When he did, they believed they saw him "clench" his butt cheeks. Oh, don't ever clench your ass in New Mexico, my friends, because horror may be around the corner.

After the supposed butt clench maneuver, police reportedly suspected him of hiding drugs. Eckert says he was taken to a hospital and was basically tortured for the next 14 hours. He was allegedly given three enemas, two rectal searches, a colonoscopy, and two X-rays. He was forced to defecate in front of cops while they sifted through his stool.

Not only did they not find any drugs -- the hospital then billed him for the forced procedures and threatened to send a collections agency after him if he didn't pay! WTF??? Oh yeah, Eckert is suing the doctors too.

You would have thought New Mexico would have learned its lesson from the case of the guy who was put into solitary confinement for two years over a dismissed DUI, where his health failed so badly that he went crazy and had to pull his own rotting teeth out of his mouth -- the state paid him $15.5 million in one of the largest prisoner civil settlements in history -- but apparently not.

New Mexico is one scary ass place to drive. No pun intended.

Did you think stuff like this could happen here?

Image via Steve A Johnson/Flickr

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