5-Year-Old Killed in Tragic Trick-or-Treating Accident

Halloween is an exciting night for kids and parents alike. It can also be a dangerous one. Parents take every precaution they can when it comes to the safety of their trick-or-treaters on the big night. We make sure our kids are wearing bright colors, we make sure they are warm enough. We stay in a group, and we inspect candy. But there are some things we can't protect our kids from no matter how much we try.

In Texas last night a 5-year-old was trick-or-treating with her family. In the excitement of the night, the young girl darted into the street where she was struck and killed by a man in his 70s. In what everyone involved is calling a horrific accident, it's hard to know who to feel the most sorry for, the family having experienced such a devastating event or the poor driver. 


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Of course, I cannot begin to imagine how this child's family is feeling. What should have been a fun, magical night was transformed into every parent's greatest fear imaginable. Their loss is incalculable. I also shudder to think about the man driving the car.

By all accounts, he was devastated -- as we all would be I think if, god forbid, we find ourselves in such a circumstance. The driver, a senior citizen, was reported to have stayed at the scene. Other outlets report the road as being strewn with the little girl's candy. Such a heartbreaking description I think I have seldom heard before. That poor family, and that poor driver.

Because what happened to him could happen to any of us. Kids get so excited on Halloween that it's hard to keep them from bounding into the street. How many of you have had near misses when driving on Halloween? I'm sure it's happened enough times to make anyone shudder. Here's hoping the family has the support of friends and their community in this terrible time.

Have you ever had a near-miss when driving on Halloween night?


Image via Mirandall/Flickr

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