Missing Kansas Father Spent Last Hours Writing Letters to Wife & Kids

car accidentA Kansas father missing for a month and a half has been found. David Welch didn't just strike out and leave his family. The 54-year-old dad was in a car accident that left him pinned in the car, trapped in a ravine. And while his family was searching for him, desperate to bring Dad home, it turns out the missing dad was spending his final hours writing letters to his family.

Sobbing yet? He died slowly and alone, but he spent those last hours doing something incredible.


Cops didn't know what to make of it when Welch went missing back on September 2. He hadn't told his family he was going anywhere special. They filed a missing persons report, and then ... nothing. He hadn't told the family where he was going, but cops had no reason to believe he was in any danger at the time.

Now cops say they think Welch's Pontiac van veered off the highway in Utah -- some 900 miles from home -- on September 3. At the time Welch was alive, but the car was stuck at the bottom of a ravine that could not be seen by highway traffic. It wasn't discovered until October 18, when a hitchhiker wandered in that ravine and found the car, David, and the letters he'd been writing to his wife of 32 years and four sons.

It's hard to think about dying. It's harder still to think about dying under such tragic circumstances.

But now I'm wondering: what would I do? If I had only a short amount of time left to live? If I knew it was coming?

Would I sit there, hoping someone would find me, saving my energy? Or write letters to my husband and daughter?

It's a sad question, sure, and I'm married to a man who hates when I ponder these "what if" type of questions. But your answer offers a fascinating analysis of who we are as people, what makes us tick.

So I'll put it to you: what would YOU do if you knew you were dying and no one would find you?


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