Hurricane Sandy 1 Year Later: 4 Stories of Resilience & Hope (VIDEO)

hurricane sandy It's been a year since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. In the wake of the storm and its subsequent devastation, people did what we do best -- rebuilt. For some, this meant rebuilding their lost homes. For others, it meant rebuilding their entire lives in the face of having lost loved ones.

Countless people were impacted by the storm. Now, one year later, with work still to be done, there is a light in view. Even in devastation, there is hope. Checking in with some of the big Sandy stories from last year can provide inspiration. From babies to puppies to examples of humanity at its best, these stories will warm even the iciest hearts.


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Hurricane Sandy's "littlest survivors" are turning 1! Talk about being born to tough it out, these kiddos were born just as their hospital lost power and were carried to safety by their nurses at NYU's Langone medical center. While they won't have any memories of the crazy day they were born, their smiling faces are a perfect reminder that you can't keep life from going on. Also, in unrelated news, they are extremely adorable, because they are babies. Excuse me while I go find a baby to squeeze. Brb.

Speaking of adorable babies, Jo-An Tremblay-Shepard the mom who gave birth to a premie during Hurricane Sandy shares that the experience of having to travel back and forth to see her see new son made her a better parent. She also shared a funny and touching surprise -- the day after she and her husband brought her son home, she got pregnant again with their now-infant daughter!

The New York Marathon has always been a point of pride for New Yorkers. People travel from across the country to participate or to cheer on the runners. When last year's New York Marathon was cancelled, it really underlined just how bad "the city that never quits" had been hit by the storm. But this year, the Marathon is back, with many of its runners participating in order to raise money and awareness for those still struggling in the Far Rockaways and elsewhere.

This one really chokes me up. For whatever reason, it's almost easier to inure ourselves to the struggles of our fellow humans -- we have to keep our emotions in check or the pain would be unbearable. I think that's why stories of pets in peril get to us so quickly -- we don't have a filter in place. Bruno was a dog whose owner had to turn Bruno over to a temporary animal emergency shelter while he left New York to find new work. Bruno was the last dog at the shelter and it looked like he might never find a new home. Now, one year later, Bruno has been placed and is beloved by his new family. What's that? No, I'm not crying -- I've just got something in my -- *sobs*.

Were you or anyone you know touched by Hurricane Sandy?


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