Wife Retaliates After Quadriplegic Husband Gets Nasty Note on His Car for Parking in Handicap Spot

note left on quadruplegic carKindness seems to be as dead as Elvis these days. And people are getting themselves all up in a tizzy for no good reason. Perhaps the state of the world has gotten people a little more loopy than usual, but this story of a person leaving a passive aggressive note on a quadriplegic man's car makes me worry for humankind.

Quadriplegic Matt Milstead, 36, parked in a handicap spot at the YMCA in Grand Rapids, Michigan, before heading inside to play a game of wheelchair rugby. His handicap pass was clearly visible in the window of his BMW. But someone saw his car, made an assumption, and left this nasty note


I would love to have seen the steam rising from the head of the person writing: "I would love to see your wheelchair! I'm guessing male 25-35 years professional who thinks he's got the world by the ass. But I could be wrong." 

Okay, so this anonymous passive aggressive rude person did say "But I could be wrong" but seriously? Why, why why? Why would anyone take the time to do this even if someone did park their car in a handicap spot and they weren't handicapped? We don't all have to play police. And did this person stop to think, truly think, how they would make this person feel from reading the note? Feelings, people. Don't we care about anyone's feelings anymore? We can't make assumptions.

Milstead isn't so fazed by it, though he said he was confused and surprised. His wife Leslie, however, is furious and wrote a response to the note writer on her Facebook page.

You were so close on the age, he's actually 36, and he is a professional with a full time job. He is also a quadriplegic, which for him means that he can no longer move his legs or his fingers in either hand. He has no grip. So, if you are willing to give him your functioning hands and legs for the rest of your life in exchange for his 6-year-old BMW and handicapped parking pass, I'm sure he'd make that trade. 

Leslie also added that her husband "just shakes his head at people like you who leave notes on his car. Trust me, you aren't the first. Ignorance is everywhere."

It sure is. And it sure is sad.

Have you ever seen a car parked in a handicap and thought it had no right to be there? What do you think of this story?

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