Mystery Girl Found With Strangers Give Hope to Madeleine McCann's Family (VIDEO)

A little 4-year old girl going by the name Maria, with blond hair and blue eyes, was found in a Roma community in central Greece. Police raided the area looking for drugs and weapons but one astute prosecutor, along for the raid, noticed Maria's little head poking out from under some sheets. The prosecutor became suspicious because the girl clearly looked nothing like her "parents" and, in fact, later DNA tests confirmed she was not!


Now there is an international search going on ... trying to find out where this beautiful child really belongs. The really upsetting thing here is that the people caring for her (if you can call it that) have registered 14 children in total, in three different Greek regions. In the area where Maria was found authorities only found two other girls and one boy. That means there are still 10 children unaccounted for. And though the couple are claiming they have not kidnapped anyone, they can't seem to keep their stories straight as to how Maria came into their care.

There's that and, based on paperwork found with the couple, the mom would have had to have given birth to six children within a 10 month period

The police suspect child-trafficking — which is just sickening to think about. But a discovery like this is giving hope to other families who've had their children seemingly disappear. We, of course, remember Madeleine McCann who disappeared while vacationing with her parents in Portugal in 2007. And since police in Britain recently reopened the McCann case, maybe this will help give them the new leads they are looking for to bring her home.

Does this discovery give you hope or does it just make you angry at all of the evil that exists in this world?

Image via Greek Police; Video via CNN

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