Man's Eyebrow-Raising Halloween 'Prank' Lands Him in the Hospital

fire For a couple of weeks now, there have been Halloween displays on neighbors' lawns that make me cringe -- like a sideyard full of horrifying, life-sized zombie dummies or motion-activated skeletons that randomly start cackling in the middle of the day. This is just par for the course in the 'burbs in October, but you have to wonder if some people shouldn't be allowed to go so far for the holiday.

Case in point: A 50-year-old man who apparently tried to set fire to a Halloween display involving a wooden cross, according to Florida Today. Although it sounds like a completely controversial, eyebrow-raising move, policemen say he wasn't trying to do anything "sinister" necessarily ...


A police spokesman said:

It started as some kind of prank apparently. We don't know if he was trying to light the cross or the candles but when he did, his clothes caught fire.

Authorities also reported that the man had been drinking, which isn't all that surprising.

Not that it makes it any less crazy and scary that the guy suffered second-degree burns over half of his body! That's just terrible. But still, it's hard to feel that bad for him when he was clearly doing something he shouldn't have, attempting a nutty prank that sounds like it wouldn't have even been funny if it hadn't gone awry!

Here's hoping he heals up quickly ... and stays far away from attempting any more dangerous hijinks during future Halloweens.

What do you make of this insanity?!

Image via Thomas's Pics/Flickr

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