Woman on Breast Cancer Walk Clings for Her Life While Trapped on Raised Bridge (PHOTO)

woman trapped on breast cancer walk bridgeIt was a terrifying ordeal for one 55-year-old unnamed Dania Beach, Florida, woman who was out for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K and somehow found herself on a railroad drawbridge over Fort Lauderdale's New River when it was being raised. What in the world?!

The woman in the pink and white tank top thankfully managed to cling to her pink handbag along with the railroad ties as the bridge continued to raise higher and higher.


I cannot imagine how terrifying that was. Here is a woman out doing what she felt was a good deed, supporting and raising awareness for breast cancer research and she ends up in a curious position clinging for her life.

No one is sure why the 55-year-old was on this railroad bridge, however. It wasn't part of the walk's route and it's closed to pedestrians. But we do know she was suspended 22 feet in the air for almost 20 minutes until firefighters were able to rescue her. That's a really long time to hang on for dear life. Thankfully she was able to do just that and was unharmed.

Although we don't know the whole story here, we do know she definitely did what she set out to do -- she raised awareness for that breast cancer walk she was on ... in a way no one would have expected.

Have any theories on why she ended up on that bridge?

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