Body Found in Hospital Stairwell Believed to Be Patient Who Disappeared Weeks Ago

Lynne SpaldingLynne SpaldingJust over two weeks ago, we learned about Lynne Spalding, a mother of two who went missing from a San Francisco General Hospital after being treated for a bladder infection. There's a new frightening development in the case: A woman's body has been discovered in a rarely used stairwell at the same hospital. Although authorities have not confirmed whether this is indeed Spalding at this time, various news reports are saying it's the missing woman.

The hospital spokeswoman Rachael Kagan says the incident is "very concerning" and that they're "distressed and don't know what happened." As hospital officials and police make it a top priority to find out, there is no information as to how long this body has been left lying there.

A dead body. In a hospital. Not in a hospital bed. This is just disturbing.


What concerns me the most is that there is no video footage, that we know of, that authorities could go over in this case. The fact that a patient could leave her room undetected, wander into a hospital stairwell, and there be no record of that just blows my mind.

I can't even imagine how this must feel for Spalding's friends, family, and her two children though (if this woman is indeed her). Her loved ones went out looking for her in the local community. They set up a missing person Facebook page. To think that the entire time she was in the hospital, and they don't know for how long she was alive -- that's forever haunting.

Can you believe this?


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