9-Year-Old Sneaks Through Security & Boards Plane to Las Vegas Alone, Without Ticket

airplaneWe'd like to think security is tight in this country, especially in airports. But one child found a way to sneak through all checkpoints and board a plane alone. Without a ticket. Without his parents even knowing. The 9-year-old boy flew from Minneapolis to Las Vegas on Thursday on a Boeing 757, Delta flight 1651.

No one seems to have any answers as to how he got through security at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. No one knows how he was able to board the plane without a pass. But once the flight was in the air some of the crew became suspicious of the child.


Kids 5 to 14 are allowed to fly without their parents for Delta as part of their unaccompanied minor program. But they are supervised by someone from the airline -- they get walked on board and seated. But this wasn't the case for this unnamed kid. And what's even more disconcerting is the airport has reviewed footage and noticed the boy was there at the airport the day before as well. Acting completely suspicious.

Officials said he spent part of his time taking luggage from a carousel, then going to a restaurant within the terminal and then asking an employee of the eatery to watch his bag when he went to the bathroom. The child never returned to get the bag.

That employee should have told someone about that don't you think? Perhaps he did. Perhaps the right follow ups weren't done. Red flags everywhere. Hello TSA? What happened to homeland security? Is this because of our shutdown? What is going on here?

The kid left the airport and returned the following day by train. He went through lines and checkpoints undetected. I don't know about you, but this makes me very uncomfortable. I already had a fear of flying, and this lack of security makes me feel even more unsafe.

More details have yet to emerge in this story, but child protection services are involved and everyone is looking into the matter.

Does this make you concerned about security at the airport?

Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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