12-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing From Middle School

adrienne solorzanoIs this a case of a runaway, or an abduction? Twelve-year-old Adrienne Solorzano went missing from her middle school in Garland, Texas on Thursday. She was excused from class at 11:00 a.m. so she could meet with her father and teacher to discuss her falling grades. She never showed up. Her hall pass was found on the ground outside her portable classroom. Garland police detectives are now saying, "there may be more to this missing girl," than a simple runaway explanation.


Adrienne's family, friends, and neighbors have all told police they haven't seen her since she left that classroom. Despite her grades, which had only recently started falling, Adrienne had a reputation as a good student and a quiet girl. She had no boyfriend that anyone knows of, and she appears not to have been on social media. She didn't even have a cell phone. All of this makes it even harder to track her down and figure out what might have led to her disappearance.

The few friends Adrienne did have were good students. Police officer Joe Harn is simply baffled. "This is totally out of character and that's what our detective's telling. I can't pinpoint it, there's just something not right about this missing girl." I hope Adrienne shows up soon, but I fear Harn may be right.

Do you think there may be a connection between Adrienne's slipping grades and her disappearance?


Image via Garland Police Department

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