Baby Deer Delivered by Roadside C-Section After Driver Accidentally Kills Her Mom

baby deerWhen a deer jumps into oncoming traffic, it can be very scary and very dangerous for all parties involved. However, one driver got more than he bargained for when he accidentally struck and killed a deer that had darted out onto the road in front of him. While the man and his truck were left without a scratch, the poor deer wasn't so lucky.

Being an experienced hunter, the driver opted not to leave the deer on the side of the road. Instead, he decided to make what use he could of the fresh venison. This was a risky move since eating road-kill in New York is illegal. Ah, I love the smell of illicit venison early in the morning! In this case, it was a good thing the hunter decided to mess with the law.


The hunter quickly found what he believed was a tumor in the dead deer's abdomen. Imagine his shock when he discovered an entirely different sort of growth. It wasn't a tumor at all, but rather a fawn inside the mother, still alive! Holy accidental deer C-section, Batman!

The stunned hunter contacted authorities at this point, and the baby deer was passed off to trained professionals. While it isn't out of the woods yet (figuratively anyway, literally it is very much no longer in a wooded area), its caretakers report that he's still alive and improving slowly but surely.

It's crazy to think that a man so intent on butchering an animal would wind up saving a life. Imagine if he'd left the deer there and just driven off? It wouldn't have been just the "waste" of the deer meat, but the waste of the baby's life as well.

Does this change the way you look at road-kill?

Image via Candie_N/Flickr

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