World’s Oldest Man Dies But Not Before Giving the Secret to His Long Life (VIDEO)

world's oldest manThe world's oldest man, Salustiano Sanchez, has died at the age of 112. Born in Spain, this coal-miner was a self-taught musician and a fan of card games. He spent his final days in a New York nursing home, close to his daughter and son. 

Sanchez received the title of "World's Oldest Man" from the Guinness Book of World Records, when the previous title-holder, Jiroemon Kimura, died in June at the age of 116. Sanchez was not a man who liked to make a fuss and found himself "humbled" by all of the attention. He did, however, share with Guinness what he believed the secret was to his longevity.


Sanchez said, "I eat a banana a day and I take six [pain pills]." It's not exactly an apple a day, but hey, fruit is fruit. His daughter Irene had a different theory, saying her father lived so long because he was just "stubborn" and "independent."


Whatever the reason for his long life, Sanchez made an impact on his impressive extended family including 7 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and 5 great-great grandchildren. In his lifetime, he traveled from Spain to Cuba and then settled in New York State. Known to his family and friends as "Shorty," Sanchez is sure to be missed.

In an age where the emphasis is on staying young at all costs, it's refreshing to be reminded of the dignity that can come with a long, well-lived life. Sanchez didn't subscribe to any particular diet or lifestyle to make sure he lived an extra-long life. He just went about the business of living. His longevity simply happened, and what a pleasant surprise for him and his family.

Do you think Sanchez's attitude kept his alive?


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