Children Found Dead in Hotel After Mom Crashes Her Car

crime sceneAs if a mother's suicide attempt wasn't bad enough news, police responding to a car crash outside a California supermarket said they were sent to a second crime scene where the horrors were even worse. The woman's two children were found dead in a hotel room, victims of an alleged murder-suicide attempt by their mom.

Although the tragedies occured in Southern California, the mother hailed from Scottsdale, Arizona and was driving a car with Georgia plates. Police now have to track down the children's father before they will release their identity.

Their mother's name and mugshot are also being withheld, but she has already been charged with murder.


Cops say the 42-year-old had purposely crashed her car into protective poles surrounding an electric box near a supermarket in an alleged suicide attempted and was combative when they arrived. It was statements she made while allegedly struggling with paramedics that led police to the third-floor room at a Hampton Inn & Suites in Santa Ana where her two children were found.

The heartbreaking investigation is continuing.

What do you make of this sad situation?


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Image via Tex Texin/Flickr

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