Cause of Jersey Shore's Devastating Fire Explained ... Well, Sort Of

Jersey Shore
FunTown Amusement Park is no more after the devastating fire

My stomach sank when I heard that the famous Jersey Shore boardwalk in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights was on fire this week. The area that made Snooki and JWoww household names hasn't even completely recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Now this? How much can these poor people take?

Now that the flames are out, the hard work of ferreting out the cause of the fire is under way. Already they have one major determination.


Officials have said the fire -- which is reported to have begun near Kohr's Frozen Custard on Thursday afternooon -- is "not suspicious." That means there's nothing to indicate anyone started the fire.

I guess that's good news?

Not that you can really find much good in a fire that damaged some 30 businesses in two towns, properties owned by people who have already suffered so much. But at least no one was sick enough to deliver more devastation on these people. 

The official cause itself is expected to come after investigators finish poring through the rubble, but people will have to patient with them -- or as patient as they can be. Small fires are still cropping up, sending firefighters back to work to stomp them out. Rebuilding will have to wait until that is done.

The Jersey Shore slogan since Sandy has been "stronger than the storm." Hopefully they are "stronger than the fire" as well.

What was your reaction to news of the fire?


Image via Bojangles/Flickr

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