Teenage Girl Shot to Death In Silly Prank Gone Wrong

premilaPlaying pranks is a part of childhood for most of us. Nearly everyone has tried to spook pal. Well, such an attempt went horribly wrong for 18-year-old Premila Lal, who was shot to death trying to play a harmless joke on a family friend.


Premila, her brother, and a cousin were visiting a Longmont, Colorado house her family once lived in, but now rented to 21-year-old Nerrek Galley. At some point, she hid in a closet and jumped out to surprise Galley. He was so startled that he grabbed a gun and shot her. The teen was rushed to the hospital, but died about an hour later.

Needless to say, her family is devasted, but they do not blame Galley. "We lost a daughter, so we don't want anybody else to lose their son, you know, especially when it was accident," her father Praveen Lal said. However, the police charged him with reckless endangerment, child abuse, and providing a gun to a juvenile (because Premila's 15-year-old brother had access to it). It's unclear whether or not he will be charged for her death.

What a tragic accident.

Do you know of other seemingly harmess prank that ended in tragedy?

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