Teen's Horrifying Model Helicopter Accident Will Remake You Rethink Certain Toys

This horrific story will truly make you rethink some of the toys you might play with. And if you've got one of those remote toy helicopters -- well, you might just want to fly it over to the trash can. A 19-year-old man named Roman Pirozek was flying his remote toy helicopter in a Brooklyn park when the helicopter somehow got out of his control -- and decapitated him. OMG.


According to police, the toy helicopter swung around, came back at the teen, and sliced off the top of his head and part of his shoulder. He died at the scene.

What a horrific death -- and for a "sport" he obviously loved. Pirozek was part of a model helicopter club and he also flew all around the country to fly his helicopter.

What makes me wonder here is how these things are just allowed in public areas. He could have easily sliced off someone else's head. I've seen teens (and adults and sometimes even kids) playing with remote helicopters, kites, and cars in public areas all of the time.

These things just seem like fun toys -- but anything that whizzes around in the air and has blades is obviously a risk. Even the remote toy cars I've seen are quite large, and people play with them in the street! All it takes is someone losing control of it and a real car swerves to avoid it and ends up crashing.

Anyway, these types of accidents are very rare but it seriously should make you consider what you're doing if you're planning on buying one of these types of toys for someone -- or yourself!

Do you ever play with these types of toys?


Image via hyper7pro/Flickr

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