6-Year-Old Girl Is Killed During 8-Year-Old Brother’s Joyride

car crashWhat began as a young Texas boy's playful need for adventure turned into a terrifying car crash with deadly consequences for one family. In the middle of the night, an 8-year-old boy (an 8-year-old!) took off in his mother's car, bringing his younger 6-year-old sister along for the trip. Both kids were still in their pajamas.

As the children's mother reportedly rushed around the family's neighborhood trying to find her kids when she realized they were no longer in their beds, her mind was probably full of gut-wrenching scenarios. She pounded on her neighbors' doors, sure that her children had been abducted. What actually happened was much worse.


Having received calls from several concerned local drivers, the police were on the road looking for a vehicle that callers claimed was being driven by children. It sounds like the cops were trying to save the brother and sister, even as their own mother was searching for them.

Having located the car being driven by the young boy, the police attempted to pull him over and bring both kids to safety. Tragically, the car veered into a pole, leaving the young boy with scratches but taking the life of his younger sister.

It is common in cases like this to try and point the finger of blame. Even though we know better, we think doing so in situations where the outcome is this dire will assuage some of the pain and provide some sort of answer as to why it happened. But accidents happen. Even terrible ones like this. Sometimes there is no 'why'. While all of the details are not yet known, it could turn out that there is no one to blame. And trying to face that fact could be the hardest part of all.

Do you think it's normal to look for someone to blame when tragic events like this one happen?

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