Toddler Accidentally Kills 2-Year-Old Sister With Pickup Truck In Every Parent’s Nightmare

It's difficult enough keeping track of our kids every minute to make sure they don't hurt or kill themselves -- but it's astonishing to think you could turn your back for a minute, and your toddler could kill someone else! This is tragically what happened to a family in Texas. And even more tragically, the person the 4-year-old boy accidentally killed was his sister. It all started when the boy somehow got ahold of the keys to his father's pickup truck. He was actually able to start the truck and then roll it. It rolled over his 2-year-old sister. And now she's dead.


There's a lot here that says maybe the kids weren't being watched as properly as they should have been. How does a toddler get keys to a truck? How does he find the time to start the truck? How was his little sister in front of the truck?!

But before we get all judgmental, think about the last time your toddler got away from you. Could he or she have done something in the blink of an eye that cost a life?

If you look at where the truck is parked in pictures, it's in a yard. The truck had rolled forward, hitting a wall. The sibling was apparently playing in the yard.

The truck wasn't even normally there. It was normally parked in a garage, but the family was loading it up for a trip, so it was backed up to the side of the house.

It's unclear where the keys were, but the truck was off. The father said he heard the engine start up and ran outside, to see the toddler behind the wheel and the truck rolling. Unfortunately, it was rolling to the worst place it could have -- right towards his sister.

This isn't the first time we've heard of a toddler taking over the wheel of a truck. Apparently they are pretty smart, these toddlers. But not smart enough to steer.

The investigation is ongoing, so police won't say if the parents will be charged.

But I think they've been penalized enough. This was obviously a tragic mistake. YES. There should have been more oversight of these kids, of course!

But to put them both in jail will only leave an orphaned child. One who already will have a tragedy to live with.

Do you think the father should be charged?


Image via Fox4

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