Dr. Oz Rushes to Help Woman Whose Foot Is Severed ... But Plumber & Hot Dog Vendor Are the True Heroes!

Dr. OzA poor tourist was in New York City for only one day when the unthinkable happened: She was struck by an out-of-control cab. One of my urban nightmares, I assure you. The unfortunate lady was in midtown and had just grabbed a hot dog when the cab lurched into the crowd, hit the woman, and severed her foot. But in an atypical scene, but sort of a typical New York City scene, not only did a hot dog vendor put her severed foot on ice, but a doctor rushed to the rescue. Not just any doctor. But Dr. Oz!!


Yes, only in a town like this does the world's most famous doctor rush to your rescue. Dr. Mehmet Oz has offices nearby, and like a bunch of other New Yorkers who came over to help, he surveyed the scene to see what he could do. For Dr. Oz is not only Oprah's favorite doctor, and not only does he have his own TV show, but he's a respected surgeon.

Dr. Oz rushed to this lady's rescue, and so did several other New Yorkers, including a plumber, David Justino, who immediately used his belt to fashion a tourniquet to stop the woman's leg from bleeding. Dr. Oz told the Wall Street Journal:

The real hero in this is Plumber Dave.

He also said that the woman's friend, who witnessed the accident, was "in a daze." I imagine so. The horror of being in a new city for only a day and then having this happen!

Additionally, because a hot dog vendor came over and grabbed the woman's foot and put it on ice at another's vendor's cart, doctors are hoping they can reattach it.

I feel truly sorry for this woman, whose name is Sian Green. Especially to have this truly horrific accident happen to her while she was visiting. But it shows the true heart of New York that so many people came over to help. Including, well, Dr. Oz!!

I hope this woman is doing okay and that her foot can be reattached.

Have you ever had strangers help you? Have you ever gotten hurt while on vacation?

Image via Harpo Productions

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