Police Officer Rescues Injured 75-Pound Dog After Awful Car Crash (VIDEO)

nick agueSome people are just good humans. And police officer Nick Ague is one of those people. A German Shepherd and a Border Collie went running after they were in a car that was involved in an accident. The Collie was found, but the German Shepherd remained at large. Officer Ague, who has a German Shepherd, made it his mission to find the poor pooch.

The pup, named Mya, had taken off several miles away from the site of the crash. And when Ague and his officers found the dog, they realized something was wrong with her.

Mya's paws had melted from running so far on the hot tarmac. She was, naturally, wary of the officers approaching her, but after some time, Nick managed to scoop her up and carry the 75-pound canine back to her rightful owners.

And because this is 2013, photos were posted to Facebook and the Internet went nuts.


One commenter wrote: "Amazing people still do exist!" While another added: "What a special gift you are to the police force and to this German Shepherd who needed your help and was given so freely!!!!"

And it's true. Officer Ague truly seems like a good person. The kind who went above and beyond to help an animal and the family who loves her so much. The town of Londonderry, PA is lucky to have such a standup guy on their police force. More people in the world like this, please!

Check out Officer Ague in action. And how awesome is this?

Image via South Londonderry/Facebook

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