Newlyweds Die in Car Crash & Loved Ones Learn Wife Was Pregnant Through Recovered Ultrasound Photo

heavenNewlyweds Jamie Soukup Reid and Will Reid had what sounds like a fairytale romance. The adorable, young couple met at University of Pennsylvania and were married in May in Philadelphia, where they both were teachers at charter schools. If you look at their wedding website, the couple couldn't seem more in love; each telling "their side of the story" on how they met. They seemed perfect for each other. But their fairytale tragically came to an end Sunday morning, after less than three months of marriage. While heading to the airport after a friend's wedding in Asheville, North Carolina, a driver lost control of the car and hit a tree, killing both of them. And making this god-awful story all the worse is the fact that Jamie was pregnant -- and the way most people found out was when ultrasound photos were recovered in her purse.


Apparently, when the car hit the tree, Jamie died instantly, but when paramedics arrived on the scene, Will, who was still conscious, selflessly urged them to tend to his wife before him. Will was transported to a nearby hospital, where he died a short time later from injuries. Their parents had apparently just found about about the pregnancy, and the couple was only beginning to tell a few other people. Will's mother said: "As horrible as it was to hear, it doesn’t surprise me to know what (he said) in those few minutes he was awake. They lived for one another — up until the end." She added: "We all had just found out about (the pregnancy), and they had only begun telling people."

Ugh. This story truly couldn't get any worse. These poor people, and their poor parents. Not only did Will and Jamie's parents lose their beautiful, smart, kind children, they lost their first and only grandchild. And not only did this happy couple miss out on one of the greatest things life has to offer -- parenthood -- they didn't even get the joy of telling all of their loved ones.

When things like this happen, there's really no making sense of it. Why? Why these people? Why two people who did nothing but love one another and brought good to the world? Why a woman who was pregnant? Why a woman who was pregnant and who never got to experience the joy of telling all her friends? Why did parents have to lose both their kids and their first grandchild? It's just heartbreaking.

Thoughts and prayers to Will and Jamie's families. I can't imagine they'll be able to find any comfort any time soon, but perhaps they'll get some solace in thinking that, wherever this young couple is, they're together with their baby.

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Image via Steve Winton/Flickr

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