Devastating Colorado Mudslides Leave 1 Man Dead & 3 More Missing

colorado mudslides, pikes peak mountainA man was found dead and buried in the debris of horrific mudslides caused by flash flooding west of of Colorado Springs. Three others were reported missing.

It's one of a number of areas across the United States hit hard by massive, deadly flooding over the past week.

Rescue workers removed the man's body from the mud on Friday but didn't immediately identify him.


More thunderstorms and heavy rains were expected from the South to the Northwest of the country, the National Weather Service predicted.

The latest victim was discovered under "significant amounts of debris" on Colorado Highway 24 near Manitou Springs, the local sheriff's office said. The road is along the foot of Pikes Peak, a 14,000-foot-high mountain.

The mudslide sent cars hurtling down the hillside and drivers trapped in rushing water. Video footage captured the terrifying scene.

Several other people have been killed in the heavy rains in recent days.

Numerous flood warnings and watches were issued for 12 different states from South Carolina and Georgia to Washington and Oregon. Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee appeared to be in the most danger as of Saturday.

If you live in any of the impacted states or regions, avoid going out in the rain and stay inside until the storms have passed. Things are looking so severe right now that it's just not worth the risk.

Do you or anyone you know live in a region of the country that's been affected by the terrible floods in the past week?


Image via alans1948/Flickr

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