National Underwear Day 2013 Makes Hundreds Strip to Their Skivvies (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Aug 5, 2013 Breaking

national underwear day 2013Happy National Underwear Day! What, you didn't know? That was today, and chances are you participated, whether you were conscious of it or not, simply by wearing underwear. Congratulations. If this sounds like another one of those ridiculous, made-up holidays, er... you're right. But some people take the day pretty seriously -- namely the people who gathered this evening in Times Square to see if they could break the world record for "Largest Group of People Gathered in Their Underwear." The previous record was set at 2,270. 

I wandered across town today to see if that record could be beat. As of the first half hour or so it looked like they were still several hundred short of breaking that record. But who knows -- I wasn't able to stay for the very end, so maybe they got more participants. In case you're wondering, I did NOT join in the fun. I have a little boy who would die of embarrassment if his mother hung out in Times Square in her skivvies. (No, this does not mean I went commando.) But I did take photos. You kind of want to see them, right?

  • Just Getting Started


    We've got a few early arrivals here.

  • Boxers & Briefs


    Doesn't matter which, just as long as it's underwear.

  • Horsehead Mask Optional


    Yup, that's a horsehead mask he's wearing. Because why not?

  • Matchy-Match


    It's always a good idea to wear a matching undies set to these sorts of events.

  • All Are Welcome


    National Underwear Day is for everyone, even this guy. 

  • Be Friendly


    As long as you're standing there in your underwear, you might as well be really friendly with everyone.

  • Matchy-Match Part II


    Don't you love this couple in matching boxers? They did a cute little bum-wagging dance.

  • Naked Cowboy


    Over on the right side there you'll make out Naked Cowboy, a permanent fixture of Times Square. He was not completely naked.

  • Naked Native American


    I'm not sure if they're buddies in that Lone Ranger and Tonto kind of way, but Naked Native American showed up as well.

  • Hats Welcome


    As you can see, hats were welcome.

  • Polka-Dots & a Paunch


    I just loved the wide variety of people who showed up for this -- Ms. Polka-Dots and that guy in blue standing behind her.

  • But Was It Enough?


    The crowd after the first half hour. I don't know... hope a lot more people showed up.

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