Disabled Man Crawls Off Plane Because It Was Allegedly the Only Option

A man is suing Delta Airlines because he claims he had no other option than to crawl off a plane, then down the stairs of the plane to the tarmac, and then over to his waiting wheel chair. Wait! What?

Can you imagine how humiliating that must have been? Baraka Kanaan was flying from Hawaii to Nantucket, Massachusetts to attend a conference and thought he had covered all his bases. He had done his due diligence, making sure to call the airline weeks before his flight to confirm that his disability could be accommodated. And by the way -- he isn't required to call -- he just did to double check! He was told there wouldn't be any problems. But when his first flight got cancelled because of weather -- he rescheduled for the next day. Things went south pretty quick.


Kanaan had been in a car accident in 2000 that left him partially paralyzed. And so he needs a wheelchair to get around. He claims, in his recently filed lawsuit, that not only did he receive no help from the crew but that, unbelievably, he had to do the same thing on the way home!

The official complaint states:

...two days later, Mr. Kanaan's return flight, Flight 4245, was again delayed by defendants, and, when boarding formally began, he was again informed that the necessary safety equipment, an aisle chair and a lift, were unavailable, but that they 'could provide a piece of cardboard to put down so that his clothes wouldn't get dirty...

How nice of them to offer some cardboard so he wouldn't dirty his clothes as he crawled through the aisle. I mean, really, that was the least very least they could do.

What on earth?

Does this surprise you?


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