Car Crashes Into Day Care Leaving 4 Injured

daycare crashThis afternoon about 40 children were playing and sleeping at Christian Academy Childcare in Kansas City, Missouri. It was like any typical day there until all of a sudden a car came crashing into the building.

According to the terrifying reports, a Range Rover hit a power pole, then rear-ended a parked Cadillac, and sent it flying right into the center. Two children were trapped under the car. Witnesses were able to pull one child out, while police had to use Jaws of Life to rescue the other. In all three children were injured, as well as the driver.


The pictures from the scene are haunting, with the building partially in rubbles. But it could have been so much worse. As it is the children are all reportedly being treated for "mild to moderate injuries." The 80-year-old driver is said to be in stable condition. Thank God that's it. 

Parents of children at the daycare rushed to the center after hearing news of the crash. One grandmother, Marquita Davis, told KMBC panic set in when she learned of the accident.  "All my grandkids and kids go there, so I'm looking at the (TV) screen, screaming, trying to get here, and put everything together."

While her grandson was among the inured, fortunately he's going to be okay, but it's unimaginable to think of the fear these families felt and will probably continue to feel long after this incident. Or perhaps, more accurately, it's all too imaginable.

Whenever my children are away from me whether at school or a play date, I always jump when the phone rings. Every text messages gives me a tiny jolt of fear that this could be one of my nightmares playing out in real life. It's scenarios like this that amplify those fears because you just never know. Of course we can't live our lives in fear of random accidents like this, and we know that something like this could have just easily happened if they were home with their parents. So we send them once again, hug them a little tighter, and hope for the best.



Do stories like this make you more nervous to leave your children?



Image via CBS

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