Massive Propane Plant Explosion in Florida Leads to Unbelievable Miracle (VIDEO)

propane plant explosionIn what could only be described as a miracle, all of the night shift workers who were reported missing after a massive propane plant exploded in Central Florida are accounted for and alive. The workers fled the scene and some even drove themselves to the hospital. But amazingly, miraculously, even though some injuries are severe, everyone survived the truly gigantic blast.

Witnesses described the explosions at the Blue Rhino propane plant as being almost like fireworks. The facility refills propane tanks used in gas grills, something we have all probably done at some point. Scary stuff. Though there is no cause for the explosion officially reported yet, CNN did report that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined Blue Rhino in 2011 over a "serious" safety violation.

So while we celebrate the miracle that all these workers are alive, we also wonder what caused them to be in this position to have these potentially devastating injuries. See below:


In situations like this, blame comes later. If these workers were put in an unsafe situation by their work -- one that could have easily killed them -- then they deserve massive compensation and support from the company.

As for now, though, my heart goes out to the family members of these workers who must have been terrified waiting for news of their loved ones. No matter what the cause, it's hard to imagine the relief they must have felt upon hearing that the worst hadn't happened.

Without their loved one, no compensation would be enough. Though the exact extent of the injuries is yet unknown and we all know from the Boston bombing that many injuries can be catastrophic and even tragic in their own right, the perspective is clear. No one died. That can be considered a miracle.

Usually these stories have awful endings. This time, by the grace of some divine being, this one doesn't. Wow.

What do you think should happen if it's the plant's fault?


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