Bus Carrying Teens Returning From Camp Crashes Leaving 3 Dead (VIDEO)

bus crash

A bus full of teenagers and their parents crashed near Interstate 465 in Indiana yesterday, and tragically, three people were killed and 26 others were sent to the hospital. Fire officials say there were a total of 40 passengers on the bus.

The group was returning from a church camp in Michigan when the accident occurred, and the bus was only a mile from arriving at its destination, Colonial Hills Baptist Church, when it hit a retaining wall and flipped over as it tried to come around a curve.


The driver of the bus reportedly told witnesses that his brakes had failed, though the cause of the crash has not yet been determined.

Amazingly, before first responders arrived on the scene, good Samaritans stopped their cars and rushed over to help get people out of the bus. When the fire department did arrive, they had to free five people who were trapped inside.

Take a look at this video to hear more about what happened and to see footage of the wreckage.

We can only imagine what a frightening scene that must have been for the motorists who witnessed the crash, and those poor kids and all of the passengers on the bus must have been terrified. And it's so horrible that they were so close to arriving safely back at their church when tragedy struck. My heart and prayers go out to everyone involved, especially the loved ones of the three people who lost their lives.

What do you think caused this crash?


Image via WHAS

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