Scary Shooting in Florida Leaves 7 People Dead (VIDEO)

Florida shootingResidents of a South Florida apartment complex are shaken this morning after a shooting left seven people dead in their community. Police were called yesterday evening around 6:30 p.m. with reports that shots had been fired near the complex, which is located in Hialeah, near Miami.

A gunman was found to be holding two hostages in the building when a crisis team arrived, and though they did establish communication with the man, negotiation talks "fell apart," so a SWAT team stormed the building early this morning and wound up killing the gunman.

The two hostages survived, but sadly, the shooter killed six other people before he was shot by officers himself.


His victims included three women and two men who were found inside apartment units in the building, and one other man -- who was simply walking across the street towards another apartment complex with his children when the gunman shot him. As of now, police cannot confirm whether he was killed by a stray bullet, or if the gunman fired directly at him from a balcony. Either way, it's so horrible to think about those children witnessing their father being shot and killed right in front of their eyes.

An investigation is underway to try and determine what this man's motive was, and police still have yet to identify him or his victims.

UPDATE: The gunman has been identified as Pedro Vargas, a 43-year-old resident of the apartment complex.

Take a look at this video to hear more about what happened from a witness, who describes hearing shots and screams from neighbors.

What do you make of this horrible shooting?


Image via WPTV

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