70-Year-Old Accused of Dragging Toddler a Quarter Mile Under His Car Before Stopping

hit and runHorrible! According to news reports, a 70-year-old driver dragged a toddler for blocks after she got stuck under his car. How? He's accused of hitting a mom with his Toyota RAV4 as she pushed her little girl in a stroller across a crosswalk. The driver allegedly dragged the baby for a quarter of a mile, being chased by onlookers, before he finally realized what happened and stopped!

I can't even imagine that poor mom's terror when she picked herself up and saw the empty stroller, but when I first read a news report about this, I actually felt kind of sorry for the man too. I mean, it seemed like obviously he shouldn't have been driving, but I thought maybe he didn't know what a bad driver he had become ... But then I found out something that made me crazy!


This guy didn't even have a driver's license! So, OBVIOUSLY he should not have been operating an SUV! To me, this is as irresponsible as driving while drunk: You know it's wrong, you KNOW your reaction time and judgment are impaired, and you know that cars can be instruments of death ... yet you still get behind the wheel.

Thank goodness the mom escaped with minor injuries (physically anyway), but the poor little girl was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Luckily, she's been upgraded to "stable", or this guy would have murder on his soul, in my opinion. And I really hope he's prosecuted to the full extent of the law -- jail time for reckless driving or house arrest for a long, long time really doesn't seem too extreme to me. Especially after seeing the below video, where you can see that little pink car stroller stuck to the front of his car!

How horrifying is that? And if the mom actually struck the hood and the windshield, as this reporter says, then it seems really hard to believe this guy didn't understand he had hit someone. I mean, how out of it can you be? It seems like either he knew he hit someone and kept on going on purpose, or he didn't even know what happened ... both situations mean to me that he's criminally irresponsible.

Have you seen people on the road who clearly should not be driving?


Image via losangeles.cbslocal.com

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