5 Naughty News Reporter Drawings That Will Make You Blush (PHOTOS)

siobhan rileySiobhan Riley, a reporter in Michigan, had an unfortunate thing happen to her when she was trying to draw traffic patterns onto her green screen. She wound up drawing a giant penis instead. Like, a really realistic-looking penis. Like, a penis that she couldn't have drawn better if she tried. Freudian slip or innocent mistake? Who cares, it's hilarious!

And you know what? Riley is the only reporter to have accidentally (or should I say "accidentally"?) drawn an on-air wiener. Plenty of reporters have wound up with boobs or penises or something dirty on their screen during their segment. Check out these 5 dirty drawings and graphics, courtesy of local weather and traffic reporters.

We're keepin' it high-brow here today, guys.


Image via SkyOfficialNews/YouTube

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