Husband Who Secretly Videotaped Dramatic Argument With Wife Deserves Divorce

Imagine one day you have a knock-down drag-out fight with your husband. You know you sound like a toddler having a tantrum but you just can't help yourself. You are beyond frustrated with him and your relationship. You reach the point of no return and act in a way you're not proud of. For most couples, that's where it would end. Hopefully you'd make up later, and you'd be left thinking, "How did I let myself get that upset?" But for one woman, this isn't where it ended. For her husband was secretly videotaping his wife's epic meltdown and then posted it on YouTube. Would you be surprised if I said the couple are now getting divorced?


According to Jim, the husband, this is what his wife acts like when she "doesn't get her way."

Jim and his wife are riding in a car when they begin arguing over going to a lake. She wants to go. He doesn't. Commence nuclear meltdown. "I'm about to go craaaaazzzzyyyyy!!!" she screams. "I wanna go on the laaaaake!!!!" She even begins kicking her feet on the car dashboard.

Does not getting her way warrant this behavior? No. But rarely is a fight about whatever the couple is fighting about. She wants to go to the lake and he doesn't? It's not hard to figure out from the video that what this is really about is a massive power struggle. She feels ignored. He feels belittled. The usual story.

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By the time you get to a fight like this, a lot has gone before it. We don't know what she has had to put up with in the marriage to get to the point where she felt her only option was to act like this. Of course, according to Jim, she acts like this all of the time. But he has something to do with that too. He's pushing her buttons.

Additionally, Jim is the only one who knew they were being recorded, so he had the advantage of modifying his behavior so he appeared calm and tolerant in the midst of her tantrum. Quite an unfair advantage, that. So unfair that you'll have to go to the link to gawk at her meltdown because I don't want to post it here.

Let's not forget that marriage is supposed to be a sacred institution. Part of the foundation of marriage is the trust that you can be your worst with your partner, and even if he doesn't forgive you, he at least doesn't share it with millions of people.

The wife did manage to get the video removed from YouTube, but other channels and media outlets picked it up, so it's out there forever now. Too bad she didn't secretly record him in the sack and post that so we could all laugh!

Thank goodness these two are getting divorced.

What would you do if your husband ever secretly videotaped a fight?

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