Man Fakes 'Homeless Vet' Status for Money But Gets Awesomely Put in His Place (VIDEO)

homeless vetOdds are, there has been some point or another in your life when you've wondered whether or not the panhandler you're passing on the street is being 100 percent truthful with their story. It's heartbreaking to see someone down on their luck, but it's normal to be wary and skeptical of someone you're about to hand your hard-earned money over to. You want to be a good person and help out, but you don't want to be had. It's quite the predicament -- especially if you happen to see someone with a sign that says "homeless vet." How could you turn your back on someone who served our country?

If you haven't already, you may think twice now, thanks to a homeless man who goes by the name "Rudy." Rudy has been cashing in for quite some time with that exact sign. In fact, just this past July 4, a woman handed him a $20 and said, "I'm so proud of you." But one TV station found out that Rudy was lying and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine -- with a sign that read "liar."


Rudy spoke with the Michigan news station and told them that he found the sign. When he was asked whether or not he felt guilty about spending donations from people on alcohol, he said, "Nah. I'm just happy I got some drinking money."

After one of the producers from the show showed up with the "liar" sign and stood next to Rudy, Rudy took off on a "swanky-looking mountain bike" and found another corner, where he stood with another sign that didn't advertise himself as a homeless vet.

I think it would be naive to say that Rudy is the only homeless person ever to pull the "vet" card falsely, but the sad thing is there are vets out there who are homeless -- and guys like Rudy are potentially taking away from them.

It's sad that Rudy is down on his luck, and I'm sure people resort to all sorts of things when they're hungry and out on the street, but there's just something that seems taboo about saying you served your country when you never did. Actually, it's a disgrace.

After busting the phony vet, the producer who held up the sign set up a fundraiser at the corner where Rudy collected money. The following day, he raised (and pitched in) a total of $2,170 for Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Glad to see some good came from this, after all. 

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