Starbucks Employees Accused of Mocking & Mistreating Deaf Customers

starbucks cupsStarbucks is again making headlines for something certainly less than savory, and this time it sounds like what happened could really be a worrisome new low ... A new lawsuit against the company claims that employees at multiple NYC locations ridiculed and refused service to deaf customers -- and the company did close to nothing to rectify the situation. Apparently, hours before one shop was supposed to close for the evening, a group of deaf patrons who met there regularly were told they had to move to a different section; the area was to be cleaned, employees said, according to the suit. But when the customers complied, "the Starbucks employees proceeded to allow non-deaf customers into that area and did not clean the area." 

Cringe-worthingly enough, that's not all ... The deaf customers say they were also refused service. Agh.


Several months later at that same location, employees allegedly called the police to cite a disturbance by the deaf customers, but the cops saw no indication that was true. The patrons complained to corporate and, in response, were given ... a gift card. Grrreat! They say that the company didn't investigate what had happened.

And as if that wasn't enough, the complaint also claims another deaf customer was laughed at and told "he sounded funny." The customer asked to speak to the manager, prompting the employee to curse at him before multiple workers told him to leave. What in the world ...?!

The plaintiffs want an injunction as well as damages. Obviously, Starbucks says they're now investigating what happened. Here's hoping they get to the bottom of it, right whatever must be righted, and take the right steps to ensure incidents like these never happen (whether it's again or otherwise!).

What's your reaction to this lawsuit?


Image via internets_diary/Flickr

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