Death of Third San Francisco Plane Crash Victim Makes Unanswered Questions Even More Pressing

asiana airlines plane crashAlmost a week after the devastating Asiana Airlines plane crash at San Francisco International Airport that already took the lives of two 16-year-old girls -- one of whom was run over by a firetruck -- a third victim has died. Hospital officials reported the news yesterday afternoon, stating that the girl died of her injuries Friday morning. Her parents have asked that the hospital not reveal her identity, age, or the nature of her injuries, said hospital spokeswoman Rachel Kagen.

What we do know is that the victim was a Chinese national, according to the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, and she had been one of three patients in critical condition at the hospital. They had suffered spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, abdominal injuries, and internal bleeding. What a nightmare ... Currently, two adults remain in critical condition, and the conditions of four others -- including another girl -- reportedly "range from serious to fair to good."


Meanwhile, the hospital treated and discharged 59 others who were injured in the crash.

Authorities still do not know the cause of the crash, which injured 181 of 307 passengers and crew. However, there's no doubt everyone involved -- especially the parents of the victims who lost their lives -- in the crash deserve answers. With hope, the formal investigation will be able to offer those sooner rather than later.

What are your thoughts and prayers for the victims and their families?


Image via David Eun/Twitter

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