July 4th Fireworks Accident Leaves Families Injured Amid Horrifying Chaos (VIDEO)

fireworksYesterday on Independence Day, millions of Americans gathered 'round with family and friends to watch fireworks. An American tradition, if there ever was one. For many, huddling together under the night's sky, waiting to be dazzled by explosions of red, white, and blue, is something to look forward to all year. But sadly, at one event yesterday in California, a fireworks display went horribly wrong after one of the firework launching stations fell over after the fireworks were ignited, resulting in fireworks going off into the crowd. Twenty-eight people were injured -- including some as young as 8.

It's absolutely heartbreaking to think that such a terrifying accident happened at an event where everyone was in happy spirits and just looking for some good, clean fun. And the video that was taken during the explosion? It's truly terrifying. These poor people.


Hearing the "Run! Run!" is just so scary. Especially since you know there are children there.

Details on the injuries are fairly scant at this point, but the age range of the 28 people injured is 8 to 78. Four of those people were listed in serious, but not life-threatening, condition; 16 were taken to area hospitals with minor to moderate injuries; and the rest were treated at the park where emergency crew was on-hand.

It seems like every year, on July 5, we hear stories of fireworks gone wrong. But usually, when we learn about the accidents, they're fireworks that were used by non-professionals. It's scary when you hear about such things happening at professional events, where precautions are already in place. I don't know how to prevent things like this from ever happening, as I'm not a fireworks specialist, but seems like more safety measures ought to be put into place. Perhaps people need to sit really far away?

Thankfully, no one was killed during this scary accident. But I'm sure for many will steer clear of fireworks displays next year.

Did you attend a fireworks show this year?

Image via bayasaa/Flickr

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