Heartbroken Military Wife Needs Our Help in Finding Lost Wedding Rings (VIDEO)

military couple missing wedding ringsIf you happen to be having one of those days (weeks, months ...) where you could stand to have your faith in humanity restored, have I got a story for you! Earlier this month, a military wife from Rockford, Illinois named Ashley Mulryan happened to have a totally common, forgetful moment. She took her wedding rings off while washing her hands in the bathroom at the mall and forgot to put them back on before heading back into the crowd ... When she realized she had left them behind and returned to retrieve them, they were gone. Uggghhh.

Beside herself, Ashley decided to offer a $500 reward for the missing jewelry. She says that although that's probably more than the bands are actually worth, they mean so much to her. Not only because they're her wedding rings, of course, but also because her husband is deployed in Afghanistan.

As for the humanity part? Since Ashley posted her story on Facebook, more than 3,000 people have shared it in an effort to track down the rings! Incredible!


Ashley told the local news:

It is so awesome how many people are sharing my photo. I couldn't be any more appreciative. With my husband deployed, they are all that I had here of him and I just want them back so bad.

Awww, of course she does! It's gut-wrenching enough to lose something with so much sentimental value, but with her husband so far away, I can imagine the ordeal has taken even more of an emotional toll. Thank goodness people are being so responsive! Gives me hope that the rings really could end up being returned.

Ashley says the rings can be brought back to the mall or police station.

Check out this local report for more info ...



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