Sisters Get DUI at Same Time in Same Car

vanessa steffany mirandaSome sisters are so close, they'll do anything together. They'll go into the bathroom at the same time. They'll share clothes with one another. They'll get DUIs at the same time in the same car. Wait, what? Yes! That really happened. Siblings Steffany and Vanessa Miranda did the unthinkable and both got DUIs for driving the same car. And they were both wearing yellow halter tops while doing so!

How did this happen?

Funny you should ask ...


Here's how the strange happenstance went down: On Saturday night, the sisters were pulled over after they were seen allegedly swerving, increasing and decreasing speeds, and braking over a stretch of seven miles. Instead of pulling over like a normal drunk person would do, Steffany, who was driving at the time, reportedly stopped in the middle of the road and switched spots with her sister, Vanessa. The cop's dash-cam caught the whole thing, and they were both arrested and charged with DUIs since they were both behind the wheel with the key in the ignition.

Well, if a plan has ever backfired, it's gotta be this. Now both sisters will have to suffer the consequences if convicted. If ol' Steffy hadn't switched spots with Nessa, at least Nessa could have been her ride for the next few months. Now both girls will have to find someone to drive them around. Here's hoping they have a third sibling! And that they never drive drunk again! Not cool, ladies. 

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Image via Monroe County Sherriff's Department

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