Pregnant Woman Dies After EMT Worker Refuses to Do More Than Call 911

You'd think that people who become helpers, like doctors, nurses, firemen, police, or EMTs, are generally compassionate people who went into those lines of work to help humanity. But sadly many of them merely go into those fields just to have a steady job. There's nothing wrong with wanting a steady job, but honestly, if you are not born with compassion -- the kind that would make you get off your ass and go check on a dying pregnant woman -- then you really shouldn't be in a human service line of work such as EMT. But Melisa Jackson was. And pregnant Eutisha Rennix may have paid the price. Jackson didn't bother to help six months pregnant Rennix as she lay dying from an asthma attack -- but she'll get to keep her EMT job anyway.


Jackson was enjoying a coffee break with her boyfriend at FDNY headquarters in Brooklyn, when frantic people who spotted her uniform rushed over to ask for her help. A pregnant woman was in a back room suffering an asthma attack.

Jackson picked up the phone and called 911 -- but she didn't get off her ass to go see if she could help, or if her training might have come in handy, or if she could have given CPR or cleared the woman's airway, or even, you know, comforted the woman and made certain that she got into an ambulance. That must have been some damn good coffee.

A top EMS chief originally agreed that Jackson sullied her EMT badge and tried to get her fired, and she was originally being prosecuted for violating departmental rules. But the chief suddenly changed his mind. Because of that, charges were dropped. I'm sure his sudden change of heart had nothing to do with the fact that Rennix's mom is suing the city and an EMS chief who agreed with the prosecution could only help her case against it. Yeah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with that.

Jackson says she did nothing wrong -- that she had no "equipment" to help Rennix that day. Yes, that's true, as the "equipment" needed would have been a heart. Jackson did the bare minimum required to keep her job and stay out of prison, and you shouldn't be in a business of saving lives because you want to do the bare minimum. Something inside of this woman should have been driving her to want to help. Something should have said, "Let me see what I can do." Instead, Jackson's inner voice said, "Let me finish my coffee." Not even most people who aren't in industries that help other people would have been so callous.

Not only that, when Jackson called 911, she was reportedly giggling and refused to give her name. You really have to wonder what drew this woman to a job that requires human compassion, because she clearly doesn't have any.

Do you think this EMT worker should have been required to do more?


Image via JorgeMejia/Flickr

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