Paula Deen’s Sponsors: Who’s In, Who’s Out & Who’s on the Fence?

paula deenPaula Deen's apology for her alleged racist remarks isn't sitting well with most people, including those who pay her bills. Not only has The Food Network fired the southern cook, but many, many other sponsors are cutting ties with the disgraced Deen, as well.

There are, however, a few partners that are standing by Paula. Apparently unfazed by her supposed sexual and racial discrimination, these companies are like, But come on, y'all! She apologized!


Here's a handy breakdown:

Those who've said "thanks but no thanks" to Paula are: The Food Network, Smithfield (the pork company who features Paula's face on their hams), and QVC.

Those who are "monitoring the situation closely" before deciding whether or not to fire her: Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, Target, Sears, KMart, which carry Paula's retail line of cookware; Random House, which is set to release Paula's book in October; Caesars Entertainment, her restaurant parent company that owns her eateries in Vegas; and Hoffman Media, which publishes Deen's magazine.

Those who still see Paula Deen as a "winner winner chicken dinner": Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, which hosts a Paula Deen Cruise; the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, which enjoys success from her as a presenter; and Vicroza Brand, a company that sells the diabetes medicine Novo Nordisk, of which Deen is the spokesperson.

It's up to each individual company as to the association they do or don't want with Paula, but it seems like risky business, literally, to continue a professional relationship with Deen.

That said, cruise ships and big pharma are known to have very different standards than other companies (poopy walls, anyone?), so perhaps it's not surprising that these groups are sticking with the accused chef.

But! There were lines out the door at her restaurant in Georgia over the weekend ...

Perhaps Paula's supporters are more numerous than we think.

Do you think sponsors should support Paula Deen?


Photo via lifescript/Flickr

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