Paula Deen’s Insane Apology for Racist Remarks Is Totally Unacceptable (VIDEO)

paula deenWhen the National Enquirer published a story about Paula Deen's alleged sexual and racial discrimination, many of the southern belle's fans didn't want to believe that their favorite Mama bear cook could have said such horrible things. Well, unfortunately, it turns out there is some truth to the claims. Paula Deen canceled her appearance on the Today Show amidst the drama, and has also issued a video statement in which she apologizes for her behavoir.

Only problem is, the "apology" isn't really an apology at all.


First of all, she doesn't even say what she's apologizing for. Second of all, there's a cut after every sentence. Third of all, it seems like she almost busts out laughing around 0:42. What the hell is this??

TMZ reports that her publicists made her do it, and well, yeah, that's pretty obvious. There's nothing about the apology that seems heartfelt or even slightly remorseful. In fact, it almost seems like a big joke.

And the awkward edits ... what, she couldn't memorize "I'm sorry, please forgive me"? Why did they have to cut away after each line? I'm thinking it was because a P.R. team tricked her. Paula probably thought she was apologizing to her makeup artist for throwing a hissy fit after seeing the massive amount of hot pink blush that was used. 

Obviously, Paula's only dug herself deeper with this disaster -- pretty sure no one accepts this apology. It'll be interesting to see if she issues an apology for her apology.

Lord knows butter can't solve this problem.

What do you think of Paula Deen's apology?


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