Dad Paralyzed While Saving a Stranger's Drowning Kid Continues to Get a Cruel Deal

paralyzed Good Samaritan Mike PattersonDoctors in Georgia say a Good Samaritan will likely be paralyzed for the rest of his life after being seriously injured while trying to save a drowning child. Michael Patterson managed to save 4-year-old Jevaeh Jones' life, despite having hit the creekbed so hard that he broke his neck in three places and severed his spine.

Now his own family is without their breadwinner. And to make matters worse, Patterson just started a new job a few weeks ago -- a job he can no longer work at -- so he is without health insurance.

Why is it that bad things always seem to happen to good people?


OK, maybe not ALWAYS.

But don't you ever feel like it's the good guys out there who are always getting knocked down?

According to the Fish Wrap, the Georgia paper that broke this hero's story, Patterson is one of those good guys. Just a few weeks ago, he saw an accident happen, and he ran immediately to help. Then came the drowning incident. He was fishing with his own kid when the little girl, the child of a stranger, went under, and he didn't think twice.

He jumped in and saved a little girl's life. A little girl who wasn't even his own child.

Some would say there aren't enough good guys like Michael Patterson out there.

Maybe they're right.

However, maybe the answer isn't in bemoaning the lack of good guys out there but in doing something FOR those good guys ... becoming one yourself.

There's now a Friends of Mike Patterson Facebook page and efforts to raise money for a trust to cover what will likely be extensive medical bills, plus help support a family that no longer has a working dad.

Because bad things do happen to good people, but good things happen too. We just have to work to make them happen.

Does this story move you to become one of the good guys? What would you have done if you were Michael Patterson?


Image via Friends of Mike Patterson

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