Teen Overdoses on Soy Sauce & Ends Up in a Coma

A 19-year-old man drank a quart of soy sauce -- and lived to tell the tale. The teen reportedly drank the salty concoction on a dare, and probably had little idea he was taking his life in his hands. In fact, he is the first known person to drink such a high amount of salt and live with no permanent neurological damage. That's how dangerous this kind of stunt is. And how stupid.


Normally, too much salt in the blood stream can cause something called hypernatremia, which can cause the brain to lose water. In fact, the teen went into a coma after drinking the soy sauce.

Immediately after finishing his dare, the teen went into convulsions and friends rushed him to an emergency room. But he had already lapsed into a coma. The doctors began flushing the salt out of his system and after about five hours, he awoke. For days, his brain showed residual affects from the seizures. But a month later, he was back at school and taking exams. A miracle.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a trend of overdosing on specific foods, usually to videotape it and post it online. The "cinnamon challenge" is a particularly popular trend right now. This can cause choking and collapsed lungs.

I have absolutely no idea why kids are doing this stuff. I don't once recall anyone challenging me to scarf down cinnamon, soy sauce, or any other condiment when I was a teen. But parents would do well to know this stuff is going on in kid and teen circles and try to thwart it with some lectures on the dangers of this idiocy.

Do you know of anyone who has downed condiments in a challenge?


Image via Creative Tools/Flickr

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