Man With 22 Kids by 14 Different Women Needs Your Help to 'Get Fixed' (VIDEO)

Orlando Shaw is a self-professed lover of women. So much so that he managed to impregnate at least 14 of them, which produced 22 children. Shaw says, "I was young and ambitious, and I love women." But the problem seems to be that while he's ambitious about getting women pregnant, he's not so ambitious when it comes to getting a job that can support them all. So the state of Tennessee has been picking up the tab. And now the mothers are bringing a lawsuit against Uber Baby Daddy Shaw to get him to cough up child support that amounts to $7,000 a month.


Despite having so many kids with so many different women, and not living with any of them, Shaw insists he's a good dad, saying, "They're my kids. I love my kids." Granted, he's not exactly sure how many he has. He thinks it's "roughly" 18 children with 17 women, though court papers say 22 children with 14 women. (Hey, what's a kid here or there?)

When a reporter asked Shaw to name all of his kids, he does manage to spout off quite a few names -- most of which start with "O" -- and says that he, not the moms, named them. Well, at least he gave them something because Shaw admits he is unable to pay child support. Instead, he says, he is "out here mentoring kids." Good god, in what? Hopefully not birth control methods.

Shaw is unable to support his kids not only because of, well, the amount, but the fact that he has a "lengthy criminal record" that prevents him from getting a job. But don't worry, folks. Says Shaw: "I play the hell out of the Tennessee lottery." Don't say this man doesn't have a plan!

There is at least one thing Shaw says that makes sense. He declares that he doesn't want any more kids and wants "to get fixed." Hey, can we start up a fund for that? Never mind, I'll start it myself.

Should the state be able to order men to get a vasectomy if they can't afford their children? I certainly think so. If you've got to prove you can afford a mortgage before anyone lets you buy a house, why not make a man who is on his fourth or fifth kid prove he can support them before he has more?

And, ladies, what is up with you? Who are these 14-17 women who found Shaw so irresistible? Such good father material? By the time the guy with the lengthy rap sheet was on his sixth or seventh kid, nothing inside of you said, "Maybe this isn't the guy I want fathering my child"? Nothing??

Can someone get a bill going on forced vasectomies for men with a certain amount of kids and no way to support them? We've certainly got enough bills going to prevent women from having abortions. How about preventing births? Anyone??

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