Multi-Story Building Collapse in Philadelphia Traps Innocent People Inside (VIDEO)

collapsed building PhiladelphiaThere's scary news out of Philadelphia today. The City of Brotherly Love has come to a halt today as rescue workers rush to a demolition site to rescue people trapped beneath a collapsed building in the Center City area of town. Reports vary from just 2 people trapped to as many as 10 or 12 underneath the rubble, but one thing is clear: it's a dire situation.

Imagine, just going about your day, when suddenly a building collapses on you. It's unthinkable. And yet how many times do you walk by a construction site and not even think twice?


We don't yet know how the demolition went wrong, but here's what we do know so far:

1. The four-story building at 2136 Market Street that collapsed reportedly used to be an adult bookstore, but has been empty for quite some time. It was in the midst of demolition when it gave way.

2. The collapse of that building also brought down an apartment building that shared a rear wall with the former bookstore building. Also damaged was a one-story building, 2140 Market Street, that housed a Salvation Army thrift shop next door.

3. Some people have been rescued and they're alive! Although the numbers vary from report to report, people who have spoken with media reported seeing people actually leaving the buildings, some being carried and some moving on their own feet. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and other area facilities have also filled with patients who came from the crash site.

4. At least one person remains in the rubble, if not more.

Here's a look at the rescue efforts:

Are you following this story? Does it give you pause about walking or working near sites like this?


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