Teen Breaks Both Feet Jumping Off Roof & Mom Wants Strangers to 'Foot' the Bill

Once was a time that if you pulled some stupid and dangerous stunt and got hurt, mom said something like, "See that's what happens when you pull some stupid and dangerous stunt. Hope you've learned your lesson!" Now it's, "Hey, let me get on the Internet and see if a bunch of strangers will pony up to cover the costs of your stupid and dangerous stunt." Such is the case of the mom who posted a video of her teen daughter jumping off the roof of her house and into her pool -- only the teen missed the pool, landing hard on the concrete deck, and broke both her feet. Mom was not embarrassed to share video of it with the world -- and ask for donations. She probably wasn't expecting the entirely justifiable cyber-outrage.


Mom Carrie Yunker posted the video on fund raising site GoFundMe to raise $4,200 to cover daughter Nicole's "share of the rent and expenses" in the house she shares with roommates. Nicole's broken feet means she can't work and will be in a wheelchair for six months to a year.

Carrie wrote:

My daughter Nicole Just graduated from high school. She had a good job, and had just moved into her very first house as an adult on her own. I'm so proud of her. Unfortunately Nicole with her roommates, and a girlfriend were being crazy young adults one afternoon. Jumping from the roof of their house into the pool. I'm surprised that Nicole would even try something like that. She's not the very daring type. She hesitated at the last moment. She missed the pool.

The problem is that now Nicole can't work and had just moved into her first house with her roommates. So mom asks the Internet community to "foot" the bill while Nicole recovers. Carrie continues:

One way, or another she will survive. But honestly Nicole could really use some financial help. Of course Her Father, and I will help. But We can only help so much. I've always been a very giving person, and I believe you reap what you sow. God has blessed us so very much. I hate to ask for help. This is not easy. But its better then Nicole, and her roommates losing their home.

Well, what Nicole and Carrie sowed must be scorn because that is what they reaped. Negative comments began flowing onto the crowd-funding site (all of them removed) and YouTube after someone posted the video there. Samples include:

- So we're supposed to feel sorry for your daughter doing something stupid?

- If anything, no one should donate and this will serve as a lesson for your daughter. She's supposedly an adult now and she'll have to pay the consequences for her stupidity.

- Actually, the scumbag thing to do is to expect other people to pay for your fantastically stupid mistakes.

I have to agree with the commenters. I have sympathy for Nicole. We all do stupid things when we're young. The difference is that we had to accept the consequences of those actions. Granted, strangers do step up and help you sometimes when you're in need -- but I find it odd that it's mom who is doing the begging. Anyway, perhaps I'm being too harsh. I suppose if I left a candle burning and it burned down my house, I might turn to crowd funding to finance my "stupid mistake." But at least I'd do it myself.

If I were Nicole's mom, I'd be asking the boyfriend who encourages Nicole to jump off the roof for some cash. And if I were Nicole, I'd dump that dude.

Is it right to expect strangers to help out Nicole? Here's the video, be warned it's graphically gross.

Image via DashCamBros/YouTube

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