Storm Chasers Killed in Violent Tornado & Internet Has the Meanest Reaction

Tim Samaras
Tim Samaras
Ten people were killed in the horrific tornado in Oklahoma last week, and sadly, among them were a trio of storm chasers. Tim Samaras, 54, of Bennett, Colorado, was killed Friday, along with his son, 24-year-old Paul Samaras, and Carl Young. Heartbreaking. But what's making matters worse and more upsetting is the fact that there are tons of people out there on the kind and cheery Internet, who are saying that Samaras and Young were "stupid" to go out in the tornado in the first place. "What did they expect?" seems to be a general feeling from many out there.



Should non-professionals go out and in the middle of a violent storm to "chase" it? Absolutely not. But these were trained men. Scientists. According to Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, these deaths are believed to be the first time scientific researchers were killed while chasing tornadoes. According to Tim's brother, Jim, the storm chaser, who had received 18 grants from the National Geographic Society for his work in the field, always had safety at the top of his priority list when working. Jim also said that Tim wasn't in it for the fame. "He looked at tornadoes not for the spotlight of TV but for the scientific aspect. At the end of the day, he wanted to save lives and he gave the ultimate sacrifice for that."

Fact is, there's danger in most fields of science when it comes to hands-on data collection. And these men and women aren't just doing it to get a thrill, they're doing it to understand why things are the way they are and to educate the public. Like Tim's brother said, Tim, Paul, and Carl weren't out for fame and fortune; they were out to help us as a society. If you can find something wrong with that, that's pretty unbelievable.

Thoughts and prayers to the victims' families.

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