Teacher Reportedly Skips School for a Year by Pretending She's Dying

We all don't want to go to work sometimes, but it takes a lot of chutzpa to do what elementary school teacher Ashley Barker allegedly did. She reportedly skipped school for an entire year -- by making up a story that she and her father were both terminally ill. When school officials reportedly finally discovered that Ashley wasn't sick at all they did what any employer would do -- they tried to fire her. But this being the country that it is, Ashley has hired a lawyer and is suing to stop her termination. Uhh, what?!!


Barker is a first grade teacher at an elementary school in Florida. For nearly a year, she was telling school officials that she was too sick to come to school due not only to her own terminal illness, but also that of her father, whom she was helping.

Officials allowed her to take days off, let her leave early, and made special accomodations for her. According to reports, she sent 120 emails to her boss about her supposed illness.

At some point, officials found out that she was lying not only about her own illness but that of her father. Confronted, she allegedly admitted that she was just sitting home that entire time.

Unbelievably, Barker is fighting her termination and has hired a lawyer. I can't imagine what cockamamie story the lawyer will come up with to excuse this behavior. Probably something about Barker being allergic to walls or having some sort of childhood trauma that makes her unable to listen to the alphabet being recited. Who knows.

There are some people who just seem allergic to work. They can't handle the environment. They can't handle any kind of stress. They don't know how to interact with superiors or even inferiors. We generally call these people "lazy," but maybe that's too broad. Perhaps they have social phobias or are dealing with depression or other emotional issues. Not everyone is cut out to work, which must be incredibly difficult unless you can find someone to support you. Those who can't try to figure out a way for the government to do it -- or their employer. I feel bad for these people. I've always enjoyed working and used to play "office" as a child as others might have played "house" or "mommy." But not everyone is cut out for it, and Barker sounds like one of those people.

Which isn't to excuse her lies. But what do you do when you just can't bring yourself to work? Do you try to find something you enjoy? What if you enjoy nothing? It's not like you spend a few hours at work -- most of us see our colleagues more than our spouses. If you don't like it or at least are able to tolerate it, you're in trouble because this is a work-driven society.

But hiring a lawyer? Really? That takes a lot of nerve. But so did what she allegedly already perpetrated.

Do you enjoy working? Have you had to deal with anyone like this?


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