Mother & Baby Are Among the Dead in Latest Horrific Oklahoma Tornado (VIDEO)

tornadoA mother and child are among the at least five people killed by a tornado in Oklahoma last night. This is the second deadly system that has swept through this area, this time just outside Oklahoma City and somewhat near St. Louis.

The mother and baby were thought to have been sucked out of their car, which really just brings it all home. You can't outrun these things. Those poor people. It's hard to even imagine the terror they must have felt in those last moments.

Maybe there is some consolation in the fact that they were together. Or maybe not. What is clear is that Oklahoma has been battered enough. ENOUGH! Do you hear us tornadoes? The footage from the tornado caught by some storm chasers is enough to give us nightmares for weeks. See below:


Scary, no? I am not sure I have ever seen anything like that. My heart goes out to all of Oklahoma. This storm season has been unbelievably tragic in so many ways.

What did you think of that video?

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