Was This Woman ‘Groped’ at Airport Security or Is She Overreacting? (VIDEO)

Ashley Jessica TSA gropeDo you ever feel bad for the Transportation Security Administration? The latest viral video of a woman's altercation with TSA agents at the San Diego International Airport may change your mind. In it Ashley Jessica, a Toronto native and anti-TSA activist, can be seen getting a pat-down ... a pat-down in which she claims the female agent touches her vagina.

Ashley led the Opt Out & Film the TSA campaign last year for Infowars, so it's no surprise she had her camera out on her recent trip through the California airport. She filmed her mom, and her mom filmed her, and that's when the alleged groping occurred. Take a look:



Ashely Jessica contends that the agent was way out of line. She tweeted today of her video's success in being spread around the Internet:

Honestly, it is embarrassing having a vid online of me getting my lady parts groped, but ppl need to see it!

So now that you have, what did you see there?

Did you see a woman being violated by an agent overstepping her bounds? Or did you see a woman who was primed for a fight and an agent who was trying her best to be professional?

It's hard to tell.

But the more of these videos that crop up on the Internet, the more sympathy I feel for TSA agents who are just trying to do their jobs. They need to follow orders in order to feed their kids, and most of them are pretty normal, good people.

The female agent in this particular video didn't seem power hungry. She explained each move as she made it. She immediately stepped back when Ashley was uncomfortable having hands near her breasts and offered to stop. And she didn't seem to be "getting off" on getting her hands too close to someone's private parts.

If anything, the agent seemed pretty polite for someone who was being filmed by a woman who clearly had an anti-TSA agenda. She had to know she was being set up, and she remained a professional. Good for her.

I would never want to be in her shoes. I wouldn't want to be touching cranky people all day (or stinky people for that matter). I wouldn't want to be the woman forced to do her job while the entire country Monday morning quarterbacks it on YouTube.

Did Ashley Jessica have a rough time? It looks it. But the TSA agent didn't exactly get off easy here either.

What do you think of the video and the TSA in general?


Image via Ashley Jessica/YouTube

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